Payment Options

  1. Payment for purchased Products can be made by one of these payment method:
    1. in cash when collecting products personally at the Seller’s place;
    2. cash on delivery (COD) in case of delivering the products by shipping company;
    3. by bank transfer via online banking to the bank account indicated by the Seller
    4. by electronic payment (eTransfers, direct transfer) – After choosing payment method the Client will be redirected to the bank’s transaction service. After logging in, the Client will be presented with a pre-filled money transfer form with a proper amount, a transfer name, and recipient’s data. After accepting a transfer the Client will be redirected back to the Online Shop website.
    5. by payment card
  2. Online payments are operated by eCard S.A. Available payments forms:
    1. Payment cards:
      • Visa
      • Visa Electron
      • MasterCard
      • MasterCard Electronic
      • Maestro
    2. ePrzelewy:
      • Płacę z inteligo (inteligo)
      • mTransfer (mBank)
      • MultiTransfer (MultiBank)
      • Płać z Nordea (Nordea)
      • Przelew24 (Bank Zachodni WBK)
      • Przelew z BPH (Bank BPH)
      • Płacę z iPKO (PKO BP)
      • Pekao24Przelew (Bank Pekao)
      • Płacę z PeoPay (Bank Pekao)
      • Płacę z Citi Handlowy (CitiBank Handlowy)
      • PayWay Toyota Bank (Toyota Bank)
      • MeritumBank Przelew (Meritum Bank)
      • Płać z BOŚ (Bank Ochrony Środowiska)
      • Płacę z Alior Bankiem (Alior Bank)
      • Płacę z Alior Sync (Alior Bank)
      • Millennium - Płatności Internetowe (Bank Millennium)
      • Płać z ING (ING Bank Śląski)
      • Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.
      • Eurobank płatność online (Euro Bank S.A.)
      • db Transfer (Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.)
      • iKO (PKO BP)
      • Płacę z Invest-Bank (Invest Bank S.A)
    3. Przelewy półautomatyczne:
      • Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.
      • Invest Bank S.A.
      • Kredyt Bank S.A.
      • Raiffaisen Bank Polska S.A.
      • Bank Pocztowy S.A.
      • Bank Spółdzielczy we Wschowie
      • Bank Zachodni WBK
      • Bank Pekao S.A
      • Millenium Bank
      • Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A
      • DnB Nord S.A
      • Inteligo
      • PKO BP
  3. The Online Shop reserves the right to make available other than indicated in point 1payments methods, in accordance with individual arrangements with the Client.
  4. In some cases the Seller reserves the right to disable some forms of shipping or payment methods.